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October 2005 #107

Hello Johnny Cyber Fans,

The Corpse Bride opened last month to a take of nearly $20 million in the U.S. Good showing for an animated movie. Now we must await the premiere of The Libertine hopefully in December. Here is the news for last month -


herestoyou - Found this in one of our local papers, a surprise is in bold type about the middle of the article, something I didn't know about the movie

Reemi - Johnny on cover of Greek magazine-"EIKONES"

Kyoko -
Johnny is on the cover of Cut magazine with many pages of photos and there are pictures in Screen, Roadshow and Josei Seven, all 11/05. He is also on the cover of Flix, The Big Issue, TV Bros, Metropolis 8/29 Tokyo Headline 9/16 weekly ST and Aera English. (paper)

Johnny is on the cover of the autumn issue of "Actors Style Hollywood" mag. It has an interview with him and a long article on him with a lot of pics. (More than 30 pages are consumed for something relevant to Johnny.

Meeps - The Danish Magazine COVER has a one page interview with Johnny in their September, 2005-issue. There was two very nice black and white photos of Johnny :lub And big - one of them filled the whole page and the other about 80% of a whole page

lovegoscuba -
Makeup Artists currently on the stands has a spread on Charlie and the Chocolat Factory. Also, nice spread in the current issue of International Film on the newsstands now.

The current Script mag on the newsstands now has TCB on the cover and much info inside. I made the mistake of reading it tho and there were spoilers in it, so I know how it ends now. I didnt want to know!

Deppraved -
The photo of Johnny dressed as Capt. Jack and appearing on stage at the Walt Disney Studios event in LA on 9/22 was in People magazine's 10/10/05 issue and also Us magazine's 10/10/05 issue. In Us, the caption says: Ahoy, matey! Johnny Depp reprised his role as Cap'n Jack Sparrow for a Walt Disney Studios event in L.A. Sept. 22, officially announcing the two sequels for Pirates of the Caribbean. In People, the caption says: Hollywood: Sept. 22 Ahoy, avast, etc.: Johnny Depp steals the spotlight with a surprise appearance as Pirates of the Caribbean's Capt. Jack Sparrow at Disney's showcase of upcoming films. Also in the Us magazine, There's a two page photo spread called "Art Deco Dolls" featuring women wearing dresses inspired by the 1920's. Vanessa is shown wearing the black & white Chanel sundress at the CATCF premiere in L.A. (Not a new photo - same one that all the magazines have printed.) Also in Us magazine, there's a short article called "Sexy Star Shades" with a photo of Eva Longoria wearing Oliver Peoples sunglasses. The article says: What has caught the eye of A-listers Jennifer Aniston, 36, Johnny Depp, 42, and Usher, 26? Sunglasses from Mosley Tribes (a less-pricey line from the folks at Oliver Peoples). "The glasses fuse utility and style," says company rep Michelle Walnum. "The modern shapes are destined to be classics." Nothing shady about that! There are photos of two styles of Mosley Tribes sunglasses, one called The Legacy which sells for $195 ($230 w/polarized lenses) in Saks Fifth Avenue; the other called The Pilot selling for the same price at Saks.

The October, 2005 issue of Details magazine is their 5th anniversary issue, and much of the issue is devoted to going back over how the magazine has grown, as well as past articles and photos. One feature is "Five Years of Leading Men" which features a full page color photo of male celebs who have appeared in Details magazine over the past 5 years. The photos are not current photos, but photos from the issue each man appeared in at that time. There's a beautiful photo of Johnny (not a new photo) that is his head and shoulders, long hair down to his shoulders, his brown fedora and a brown shirt the exact color of the hat, mustache and goatee, and his eyes are closed, his brow furrowed, and his hand up to his mouth with his hand-rolled cigarette at his lips just as he's inhaling. It's a close-up photo so you can see the details of his skin, his hand and fingernails, his heavy fringe of dark eyelashes, and one of the skull rings he wears. There isn't an article that goes with the photos of the male celebs, just a very small caption with each photo with a portion of a quote from the article that appeared in their issue. I'll have to "bleep" out some of Johnny's words by using the trusty asterisks. The caption is: Johnny Depp, October 2001, Photograph by Tom Munro, "That useless, pig-fu**ing term that I despise: Partying. It's bulls**t. It's a lie. And then you're dead." Other male celebs featured in photos are Robert Downey, Jr.; Jude Law; (psuedo-celeb) Kevin Federline; Diddy; a group shot of Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd and Orlando Bloom; Jim Carrey; Sean Penn; Ewan McGregor; Ben Affleck; Tom Cruise; Brad Pitt; Justin Timberlake; Ethan Hawke; and Bono. Also in this issue is Johnny's Mont Blanc ad (full page).

Old article about Johnny worth a repeat at Salon.

The October 3, 2005 issue of People magazine has a photo of Johnny at the hand and foot print ceremony. It's the photo of him kneeling in front of the cement after just having put his handprints into it, and he's smiling big and showing his palms with wet cement on them. The caption says: Hollywood, Sept. 16, Prints Charming: Johnny Depp cements his fame in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

In the 9/23/05 issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, there is a caption on the front of the magazine that says "Johnny Depp Teams Up Again With Tim Burton." There's a nice feature article with lots of photos, including a very large photo of the Corpse Bride sitting with her leg stretched out in front of her, pulling on a stocking (a la Mrs. Robinson) with Victor standing in the background, staring, his eyes wide open and hands clenched. That photo has the caption: "Are you trying to seduce me? The Corpse Bride stars recreate a sexy cinematic moment." Within the article there are photos of the puppets being manipulated during filming, a professional photo of Tim Burton, and photos from some of Tim's other films, including a photo of Johnny as Edward Scissorhands and one as Ed Wood. Here's the article. Also in that issue - In their Style Sheet section, they have an article called "Male Fashion Gets Pretty." Included is a photo of Johnny dressed in chocolate brown tux, black lapels, black shirt, no tie and brown Fedora on the red carpet. There's a smaller photo inset with a head shot of Johnny in the long curly wig in The Libertine. Also included are a photo of Snoop Dogg and one of Andre Benjamin. Just Dandy, Male Fashion Gets Pretty - When Miami's heat couldn't keep Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg from donning velvet and paisley at last month's MTV Video Music Awards, it was clear that peacocks are first in style's new pecking order. And the neo-dandy look - patterned fabrics, billowly silhouettes, and velvet - isn't just for the red carpet: Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger flaunt flouncy shirts in The Libertine and Casanova, respectively; Ludacris sports a fedora and channels Austin Powers in his "Number One Spot" video; and OutKast's Andre Benjamin is known as much for his natty ensembles as his music. Meanwhile, top designers will push the trend for fall, most notably Gucci, with velvet jackets, and Armani, with fur-trimmed leather. "This era is about standing out," says Heatherette designer Richie Rich (who put Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears in a rhinestoned vest for Live 8) . "Brad Pitt can wear a flowery Miu Miu shirt and women are thrilled." The go-to fop artist is Depp. In addition to The Libertine, the actor voices the impeccably dressed Victor Van Dort in Corpse Bride and suited up in a red velvet jacket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Says Andrew Bolton, curator of 2004's "Bravehearts: Men in Skirts" exhibit at NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art: "Depp is never afraid to tackle roles that, sartorically speaking, challenge dominant ideals of masculinity," while his offscreen look is "associated with the 19th-century French dandy." Break it to Depp gently, but flamboyant male fashion is nothing new. "They heyday of male peacockery was in the 17th century, when men outshone women," says Bolton. And today's peacocks are just as keen to preen. Says the Black Eyed Peas' will.i.am: "Jay-Z and Diddy are now CEOs saying you don't have to do the baggies and t-shirts." There is also a review of TCB in the issue giving the movie a B.

Cosmo Mag - Real Women Who've Dated Celebs In the October 2005 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, they have a feature article of stories by real women (non-celebs) who have dated celebs. Although no celebrities' names were used, it doesn't give a very pretty picture of what it's like to date celebs who are self-absorbed, in the spotlight all the time, never want to go out of the house, doesn't take her on dates for fear of being photographed with her, won't commit, etc. As a preface to the article, Cosmo asked some real women which Hollywood hottie they're secretly dying to seduce. Here's one woman's answer: "Hands down, it would have to be Johnny Depp. That guy just oozes sex appeal like no other! He was so yummy in Chocolat!" Amy Also in this issue - They have a feature article called "Mommyhood Before Marriage" with photos of female celebs who have gotten pregnant before getting married. Included at the end of the article is a strip of photos of three celebrity couples who have long term relationships and children, but have decided not to get married. The title of the photo strip is "Unmarried with Children - These Hollywood parents have all made it work, minus the matrimony thing." One of the three couples is Johnny and Vanessa, and there's an older photo of them walking down the sidewalk, Vanessa carrying Lily-Rose who was a toddler at the time, and Johnny pushing the stroller with Jack inside. Underneath their photo it says: Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, An item since 1998 Kids together: Lily-Rose, 6, and Jack, 3

People Mag Photo & CB Review The 9/26/05 issue of People magazine has a quarter-page size color photo of Johnny in their "Star Tracks" feature included in a group of photos from the Toronto Film Festival. The photo of Johnny is of him at the premiere, walking in front of a line of fans who are reaching out for autographs. The caption says: Sept. 10: Fans fawn over Johnny Depp as he takes a natty stroll down the red carpet for his animated comdedy Corpse Bride in which he voices a young groom who accidentally marries a dead woman.

In the Sept. 26, 2005 issue of OK magazine (US edition) on page 96 and 97 they have covered the pages with photos of celebs from the Toronto Film Festival and from the Fashion Rocks event in NYC. Included is a small photo of Johnny in his grey suit and black shirt at the afterparty of The Corpse Bride in Toronto. Text says: Johnny Depp at the afterparty for Corpse Bride.

The October 2005 issue of Premiere magazine has a couple of different mentions of Johnny. First in the article called "Take One Previews - The Movies That Matter This Month" they have a photo from The Corpse Bride and the following text: Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, Call it The Nightmare Before Marriage. A ghastly mix-up leaves a skittish Victorian man (voiced by Johnny Depp) betrothed to a cadaver (Helena Bonham Carter) and whisked off to the netherworld, to the horror of his live fiancee (Emily Watson), in this stop-motion-animated comic fantasy. The Bottom Line: Romance, Tim Burton-style. (Warner Bros.) The second is a tongue-in-cheek article by Libby Gelman-Waxner called "Mommy Dearest" which has the subtitle "Say goodbye to the Girl Scouts, Our Bodies, Ourselves, and Judy Blume. These days, the movies can be the best guide to growing up. Without typing the entire article, the gist of it is the author is talking about the trials and tribulations of trying to raise a teenage daughter and protect her from the dangers of the world. One of the questions that the author asks herself is "What sort of male movie stars should I encourage her to fantasize about?" The author's first thought was Brad Pitt, but then she told her daughter all about Brad and Jennifer's breakup and said love is never easy, even with a dreamboat like Brad. Now here's her text about Johnny and her daughter, Jennifer's response: Eliminating Brad, I brought up Johnny Depp in director Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny plays Willy Wonka, the factory's eccentric owner, and I told Jennifer that Johnny was great because he keeps daring to tackle outrageously non-macho roles. Jennifer agreed that both Johnny and the movie are delicious, but she declared that in real life, Johnny is actually a breathtakingly beautiful woman. "I Googled him," she went on, "and you can tell. He always has porcelain skin, his hair can do anything, and he's always wearing lots of jewelry and these great, floppy suits. He's a French lesbian." I tried to protest that Johnny was in fact just a transcendently fearless actor, and that he's fathered a couple of children, but Jennifer wasn't buying it. "Have you seen his cheekbones?" she cried. "And his shiny Willy Wonka pageboy? He only says he's a guy to drive Michael Jackson crazy. But he's too gorgeous. If I ever went out with Johnny Depp, I'd feel like I was something on a leash. I mean, Mom, when you wear your huge, oversize sunglasses, you look like a mosquito, but when Johnny wears his, he looks like Jackie Onassis." I wanted to slap her but there was just too much truth in her last observation, so I limited myself to stroking her head tenderly and promising that her baby fat would disappear by the time she retired, to which she replied, "So I guess you're still working," and to end the subsequent brawl I had to promise to take her to see the R-rated comedy Wedding Crashers. This movie stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as two wild-and-crazy divorce mediators who like to infiltrate weddings in order to seduce susceptible bridesmaids. I told Jennifer that Owen is the current heartthrob of every single woman in the universe, because while he comes off like a zonked-out surfer dude, you can tell that he uses even more haircare products than Johnny Depp, whose name sounds like a haircare product. (Article goes on with more discussion between mother and daughter about various movie stars and movies and life in general.)

In the October 2005 issue of Glamour magazine, in the article titled "Men, Sex & Love" one of the topics is a "Couple Cam" where they interview a real life couple on the street and ask them a question. The couple interviewed had been together 7 months, both are 31, and are not married. The question asked of them was: Who do you fantasize about other than your partner? Him: Well - surprise! - I'm not fantasizing about Angelina Jolie like every other guy out there seems to be doing. The celebrity thing just doesn't impress me. The woman I fantasize about is a combination of beautiful parts of women I see on the street. Her: He's an artist, so I'm used to his crazy imagination. Johnny Depp would be my fantasy. Him: Yup, I knew that. Her: He's got that mysterious edgy sexiness going for him. Him: I know she's never going to meet him, so it's fine with me. Her: And if I did? Him: Well, we'll deal with it then.

In the Sept. 19, 2005 issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, in their weekly "New on DVD" feature, they have a small photo of Johnny and Richard Grieco from 21JS with the caption: "Hot cops: Depp (left) and Grieco." 21 Jump Street: Complete Third Season, Stars: Johnny Depp, Richard Grieco, Holly Robinson Peete, Peter DeLuise - Long before Depp cavorted on a pirate ship, explored Neverland or ran a chocolate factory, he found fame on this early Fox series, which ran from 1987 to 1991. In its third year, Depp and a pack of other young cops (including hottie Grieco, who debuted this season!) continue their undercover missions - at a high school one week, in juvenile lock-up the next - and tackle hot-button late '80's issues such as sexual harassment, gang wars and homeless teen runaways. Don't miss the episode titled "Hell Week" in which Depp infiltrates a frat and has to party hearty. (Anchor Bay, six discs, $45).

In the Sept. 19, 2005 issue of People magazine, they've devoted the majority of the issue to the best and worst dressed and the trends of 2005. Most of the photos are of women, but there are a few pages of photos of men. I had to get about halfway through the magazine before I found what I suspected might be there...the fashion police again ragging on Johnny about his choice of attire. In the "Worst Dressed" section, an article called "5 Ways to Ruin a Tuxedo" has a full length photo of Johnny at the Academy Awards last February, dressed in the blue tux with black lapels, white shirt, and two-tone black & white shoes. The caption for the article says: "When these guys interpreted 'creative black tie,' something got lost in the translation." Johnny is listed in the #1 spot for how to ruin a tux: "Make it blue."

The 9/12/05 issue of People magazine has a lengthy feature on all the films coming out this fall. They give a very brief mention to Corpse Bride. The text says: Corpse Bride (Sept. 23) Johnny Depp teams up with director Tim Burton for the fifth time in this animated zombie comedy. There's a small picture from the film of Victor and the Corpse Bride sitting at a piano, with Victor playing the keyboard and looking sheepishly at the Bride. She has her back turned to him in a huff.


Here is an exclusive look at The Corpse Bride (TCB) at MovieFone.

Goodlady - The xenix theatre in Zurich, Switzerland will show a retrospective of Johnny Depp in october, airing 29!!!!! movies during this time, including such seldom seen movies as The Brave, Arizona Dream, Nightmare on Elm Street, Ed Wood, Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants etc. The announcing flyer shows Ed Wood and the following title: JOHNNY DEPP - INTERNATIONAL MAN OF INTEGRITY. There's a long article on the website: www.xenix.ch/ in German. Click here for my translation.

herestoyou - Corpse Bride gallary at Box Office Mojo.

Emma -
Excerpt from an interview in Real(UK women's magazine) Sept 30-14 Oct - Like Father, Like Son, 'Sometime in your late teens, you begin to get a voice in your head that says. "I am not going to be like my parents". And then, all of a sudden, when you hit your mid-20s, you look in the mirror, and you start to see your dad! And it stays that way. There was one time when I was at the premiere of, I think it was Chocolat, I was sitting next to my sister, and at one point in the movie, and I don't remember exactly what I did or said on the screen, but my sister and I just turned to each other at exactly the same time and said, "Uh - Dad!" I'm very much like my dad, in my looks, my mannerisms, even down to - well, look at this'. He jumps to his feet and indicates his belt. It is wide, brown and adorned with a simple buckle that is not placed at the centre, but slung rakishly to one side. 'See this buckle? My dad always wore his buckle to the side like this. I don't know when I started wearing it like this, but these days, I just don't even think about it. If I had to wear my buckle here', he yanks it around to the normal place, and grimaces, 'well, that would really freak me out. I'd be really upset! So, yeah, both of my parents have had a huge influence on me, in any number of ways.'

City of Westminister, Forthcoming Events, 17 Oct - Film Premiere of 'Corpse Bride'. - The Vue Cinema, Leicester Square.

Johnny Depp (R) walks on stage in his outfit of Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl' as Chairman of Walt Disney Studios Richard Cook looks on at the 2006 Walt Disney studios showcase at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood September 22, 2005. REUTERS Photo. Reemi found - Also making a surprise appearance was Johnny Depp, in full Captain Jack Sparrow regalia, kohl-rimmed eyes and all. He amusingly finished each of Dick Cook's sentences with "rum." The star of the much-anticipated "Pirates" 2 and 3 was onstage for only a few minutes but the audience wildly applauded him as if he performed a full "Hamlet." That's good old Hollywood charisma, if you ask me. Reemi - Photos of the appearance at http://www.rexfeatures.com/cgi-bin/r2show0?k=Johnny+Depp&fNewest.x=1&fNewest.y=8">Rex Features.

Video interview with TCB case at Film Stew.

Interview with Johnny at Tribute.

Clips and trailers from TCB at Yahoo Movies.

Interview with Johnny at IESB.

Interview with Johnny at Cinecon.

Variety, Sep. 11, 2005, 'Pirates' pair pique auds at Toronto fest, Bloom, Depp stay true to their fans - TORONTO -- Toronto Film Fest bosses like to play up the event as a showcase for awards-season hopefuls and the best of world cinema. But the fest is also a popular stargazing event, and the two thesps generating the most heat opening weekend were Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, co-stars of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and its upcoming sequels. Bloom's presence caused a mini-riot outside Roy Thomson Hall on Saturday night for the gala screening of Cameron Crowe's "Elizabethtown," in which he toplines with Kirsten Dunst. Handlers tried to steer him away from the hundreds-strong crowd, but the thesp insisted on signing as many autographs as possible. On Sunday afternoon, a throng of teenagers outside the Four Seasons Hotel went into a tizzy when they learned Depp was upstairs holding a news conference to promote the animated "Corpse Bride." Depp said he's still getting used to all the attention. "I've learned to not have any expectations about box office results because that kind of thing escaped me for many years," Depp said. "The thing to me that's more touching than anything is these kids who are outside the movie theaters. ... These are the people who keep me employed. I look at them as my bosses."

Interview with Johnny at My Movies.

Reemi -
Interview with Johnny at Post-Gazette.

Interview with Johnny at Sun Times.

Johnny Depp on the cover of NOUS DEUX magazine from France dated September 2005.

Article about the TCB soundtrack at Curlio.

Article about creating the voice of Victor at Sci Fi.

Interview with Johnny at Detroit Free Press.

Fiftieth-anniversary memorials (to James Dean) include a festival in his hometown, Fairmount, Ind., yesterday through Sunday. "Fellow rebel-without-a-cause Johnny Depp will narrate a BBC Radio 2 documentary about Dean from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. (If you don't have access, you can hear it via bbc.co.uk/radio2.) Review at Guardian. Here is the audio for the show at Radio 2.

Interview with Johnny at Hampton Roads.

Interview with Johnny at The Wave Magazine.,/a>

Article about TCB and 8 clips at WJAC TV.

Interview with Johnny at Tandem.

Article about Johnny at The Z Review.

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is hot favourite to scoop a prestigious Irish film award after his wacky portrayal of on-screen favourite Willy Wonka, bookies predicted today. Boylesports said Depp was in the lead at 11/8 to win the Avica Best International Actor Award at the Irish Film and Television Awards after his box-office hit Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wowed Irish audiences. However, come-back kid Mickey Rourke is hot on the heels of the Pirates of the Caribbean star, at 7/4, for his role in cult hit Sin City. The category is one of the People’s Choice Categories in the glitzy Irish awards which will be voted for by the public. Film-lovers can celebrate the talent in the film industry by voting for their favourite performance by an international male actor in 2005. The winner of all the categories will be announced at the awards ceremony, which takes place on November 5, 2005.

Libertine preview at All About the Movies.

From the Village Voice - Burton—who's always seemed to mix Edward Scissorhands's brooding with Ed Wood's endearingly half tanked flights of lunacy and Willy Wonka's chocolaty mischief—came off refreshingly direct and self-deprecating. "I was a terrible student," he admitted with terrible humility, "and a terrible busboy and a terrible waiter and a terrible pretty much everything, so just follow your passion." Speaking of his terrible passions, Tim was asked why he always seems to cast the same actors, and he responded, "Well, I'm boffing Helena . . ." (Kidding, she's actually fine. He only answered that JOHNNY DEPP is a fun-loving, risk-taking guy. I'm such a total maggot.)

Corpse Bride set visit at Time Out.

Interview with Johnny at Latino Review.

Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, Toronto Film Fest tidbits - Sweet sight: It's easy to be gracious when an arsenal of cameras, tape recorders and curious reporters are pointed your way. But when almost no one was watching, Johnny Depp sweetly stopped to talk to some children fresh from the Four Seasons' outdoor pool, located a couple of stories above street level. Standing in their bare feet or sandals in the hotel hallway, they talked quietly and then gave him a two-handed goodbye by wiggling their fingers. He returned the favor and then obliged a mother who asked him to say hello to star-struck teenage girls before continuing his rounds promoting "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride."

Interview with Johnny at Movie Web.

Interview with Johnny at Film Force.

Interview with Johnny at The Globe Mail.

From Zap2it - Johnny Depp - Still sporting scraggly hair and gold-capped teeth for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequels, Depp made a quick stop by the Luxury Lounge at the Park Hyatt Hotel to pick up two pairs of sunglasses for his sister. Although his visit was brief, the "Corpse Bride" actor found time to sketch a picture of a bleeding heart that will be auctioned off for Katrina relief. Others contributing to the celebrity sketches include: "Brothers Grimm" director Terry Gilliam, "X-Men's" Iceman himself Shawn Ashmore, "Ice Princess" Michelle Trachtenberg and "CSI" wiseguy Eric Szmanda.

Interview with Johnny at Canoe.

Interview with Tim Burton at Straight.

From AP - "He has had to have a great number of battles to get to cast me. Fighting the studio heads. `You mean the weird guy who does the European art movies? No, he's box-office poison.'" - Johnny Depp, on working with Tim Burton.

Interview with Johnny at Movie Hole.

Official notice of Johnny's Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on 9/16 at Business Wire.

Interview with Johnny at About Movies.

Interview with Johnny at Dark Horizon.

Depp Game For New Quixote - Johnny Depp told SCI FI Wire that director Terry Gilliam still asks him to do the The Man Who Killed Don Quixote again, and Depp added that he'd love to do it, with qualifications. Now that the actor and director are both at the Toronto International Film Festival—promoting different movies—Depp said he expects it will be brought up more than once. Gilliam was at the festival three years ago promoting the documentary about the demise of the film project, Lost in La Mancha, which chronicled the scuttling of the director's dream project in 2000 after a series of bad weather, serious accidents and financial woes. Depp was part of the cast at the time. "Oh, I'd love to" do Don Quixote again, Depp said at a press conference for Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. "If there's anyway to avoid the curse, that would be better. Every time that I see [Gilliam], he threatens this. In fact, I saw him last night. I'd love to do it again. I'd love to do the film if it at all possible. I stress that part: if at all possible. Because it was going to be good. We all felt that. It was really sad. It was like the best of Terry Gilliam." Gilliam didn't fare too well with his modest response to his recent The Brothers Grimm movie, and Tideland—which is premiering at the festival—isn't getting high praise either. "Unfortunately there was that hideous curse on it," Depp said of Quixote. "I hope he can salvage it." He added: "I felt really good about my character. The good news is that if he wants to go back and do that, I already know the character, and so I have less homework to do."

Interview with Johnny at About Horror.

Interview with Johnny at Can Mag.

Interview with Johnny at IC Huddersfield.

Interview with Tim Burton at Coming Soon.

Interview with Johnny at Zap2it.

IGN - September 13, 2005 - Sporting golden teeth and a fedora, Johnny Depp is taking a short break from shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 to promote Corpse Bride in Toronto. The film is his fifth collaboration with director Tim Burton. Besides the requisite talk of corpses, brides and the career-spanning relationship between Burton and Depp (which will be the focus of a feature article later this week), he also spoke briefly about his return to the role of Jack Sparrow. The shoot has moved to a Shanghai set currently housed within Universal studios. Depp has been shooting scenes with a new Pirates cast member: "With Chow Yun-Fat…" He says that the new films will take the eccentric sparrow to some new places that audiences should enjoy. "Oh, I think that, yeah, there's some kind of fun surprises that they're posing, sort of messing with." The long-rumored casting choice of Keith Richard to play Sparrow's father (Depp modeled the role after the ageless rocker) still hasn't been finalized, but Depp is hopeful. "No, it's sort of not totally official yet. Everybody's trying. You know, he's got a little tour to do." (Laughs)

Interview with Johnny at Metro News.

DEPP FELL FOR CAPTAIN JACK - JOHNNY DEPP leaped at the chance to reprise his role as CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW in a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequel - just so he could spend time with his character again. Depp fell in love with the eccentric pirate he based on rock idol KEITH RICHARDS, and insists his decision to commit to two more Pirates Of The Caribbean follow-ups, currently being shot back-to-back, has nothing to do with money. He says, "More than it having anything to do with money, or franchise, or hopefully continued success, it actually had ... more to do with selfishly being able to meet up with that character again."

Article about Johnny and Jack Sparrow at SCI FI.

Article about TCB with quotes from Johnny at MSNBC. Aricle about TCB at Canada.Com.

Article about TCB at Canoe.

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XAnother article about TCB at Canada.com.

Contest for The Corpse Bride The Denver Channel.

The Corpse Bride clip at Can Mag.

New stilss from The Corpse Bride at Coming Soon.

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Article about CATCF and Johnny at Japan Today.

Emma -

Calendar of Hollywood's Celebrity Events at Seeing-Stars.com, CELEBRITIES SOON TO GET THEIR HANDS & FOOTPRINTS IMMORTALIZED IN CEMENT AT GRAUMAN'S CHINESE THEATRE - Johnny Depp, ("Pirates of the Caribbean", "Edward Scissorhands"), September 16, 2005 at 11:30 AM

Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Johnny Depp: "Hi! How you doing? Yeah! Well this is weird (laughs). I mean, to say that this is overwhelming is probably the understatement of the millennium, this is devastating (laughs). I'm really very honoured and shocked and all those adjectives that...I mean, it's insane, look who's here? Look at all these people (crowd cheers). But I'm honoured, I'm really honoured to be here and more than anything I'm honoured and so thankful, so grateful that all you guys (crowd cheers)...yeah you should applause for yourselves, you know (he applauds the crowd), that's for you, for sticking around with me on this really long, strange road and yea, I really appreciate it. So anyway, yeah, I better get out of here (laughs). Thanks so much for everything. Yeah, I'm really truly honoured and very proud, thanks a lot."

Reemi -
Photos at ISIFA.

Official notice of ceremony at Business Wire
Photos at Rex Features.
Video at Reuters.
Article about the ceremony at News Letter.

From ABC news - Actor Johnny Depp Receives Hollywood Honor - As his latest movie opened across the country, Johnny Depp put his feet and hands in the cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, earning him a permanent place in Hollywood history. "So this is weird," Depp said during the ceremony, which attracted hundreds of fans, some of whom spent the night along Hollywood Boulevard to get a glimpse of the actor. "I mean, to say that this is overwhelming is probably the understatement of the millenium."...Wearing a brown hat and blue-tinted sunglasses, Depp scrawled his name into the cement, then stuck in his hands and feet. "I'm going to come check on it weekly, just to make sure that somebody, you know, that you guys don't take it away, just like store it in a warehouse or something," he said.

From Yahoo News - HOLLYWOOD, United States (AFP) - Johnny Depp put his hand and footprint onto the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard, joining the Who's Who of movie legends who are commemorated outside Grauman's Chinese Theater. Depp, wearing a goatee beard, dark glasses and black hat, was accompanied by his wife Vanessa Paradis and their two children for the ceremony. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" has been promoting his recent release "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". His voiced was used for the animated film "Corpse Bride", by Tim Burton, which was released in North America on Friday.

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Johnny at the Toronto Film Festival

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Metro News - Johnny Depp and Sean Penn dined at Soto Soto. There, risotto has been one of the popular dishes. Elsewhere Saturday, Sotto Sotto's chef kept up to speed where Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Jodie Foster and Tommy Lee Jones dined. Popular dishes with the crowd this week have been the seafood risotto, mama's lasagna, veal chops and their antipasto platter with calamari and prosciutto.

Article about Johnny in Toronto at Toledo Blade.

Interview with Tim Burton about TCB at IESB.

Article about the TCB Press junket in Toronto at The Globe Mail with quotes from Johnny.

Article about TCB at the Toronto Film Festival E Bell.

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The Star - Depp charge - Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright Penn and Danny Aiello were among boldface at Sotto Sotto Saturday. Sean Penn and Depp had cigs in the back alley before Depp braved the mob of hundreds outside of Birks on Bloor to attend the Corpse Bride party. You'd think it was the MTV Awards: Five extra police cars were summoned for crowd control. The faces pressed up against the store windows were unlined — they were Depp's demographic, kids who shop at H&M for their bling. The diehard Depp fans inside were middle-aged with deep pockets. When Depp made his entrance at 12:20 a.m., looking spookily skinny in the feeding frenzy — let's hope he ate in the VIP room — a trophy wife wearing every label she could attach to her overly-aerobicised body got in front of Depp to snap his photo with her cell phone camera. Depp smiled sweetly, put his hand on her shoulder and asked if she was having good night. "I'm single tonight," swooned The Walking Logo, trying to twist her wedding ring from her finger. Last seen, she was trailing Depp to the VIP room.

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Johnny arrived in Japan on September 3 for the premiere of CATCF:

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Yahoo News, TOKYO (AFP) - Johnny Depp has been branded an eccentric for playing a recluse with scissors for hands and a delusional Don Juan. This time his own son is calling him a weirdo for his role as crazy candyman Willy Wonka. The Hollywood heartthrob said he invited his children to watch him dress up in his slick jacket and top hat to shoot "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," the latest film version of British writer Roald Dahl's kids classic. Depp, in Tokyo Sunday ahead of the Japanese release of Tim Burton's movie, said his three-year-old son was astonished and told his dad, "You are really weird". Depp said he felt responsible to the late Dahl's own family to stay true to the popular story, in which poor boy Charlie joins the world's brats on a rare tour of Willy Wonka's magical world of chocolate. "I did feel a deep sense of responsibility to the author's intent of what he may have wanted the character to be like and to live like," said Depp. The movie is Depp's fourth collaboration with Tim Burton, who directed 1990's "Edward Scissorhands" which paved the actor's transition from teen roles to more idiosyncratic fare. Hundreds of screaming young women tried unsuccessfully to barge into the press conference for a glance at Depp, who has two children with French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis.

Japan Today - Moviegoers get a whiff of chocolate during Johnny Depp film - TOKYO — The audience at Monday night's Japan premiere of the Johnny Depp film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at Virgin Toho Cinemas enjoyed the aroma of chocolate thanks to Aromatrix, a device manufacturered by a U.S. environmental air quality management company. Promotool Co, which markets Aromatrix in Japan, released the scent of chocolate into the theater during several scenes moments in the film. Aromatrix was also used to great effect during previews of "Charlie" in the U.S. However, Promotool says it is not planning to use Aromatrix at any other screenings of "Charlie," which opens in Japan next Saturday.

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Johnny and Tim Burton speak of their friendship at Access Online.

Monday, September 5, 2005, Heeere's Johnny! Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp (42) arrived in Japan on Saturday for his first visit in ten years. Depp arrived in the afternoon by private jet at Narita Airport. The time of his arrival hadn't been announced, but there were still about 2,000 fans waiting for him when he left customs and he seemed taken by surprise by the size of the crowd. He arrived in town to promote "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," his latest collaboration with director Tim Burton. The movie will have its Japanese premier tonight. Dressed in a cowboy hat and chocolate colored suede jacket, looked quite different from his latest Willy Wonka image, sporting the scruffy beard that he needs for the sequel to "Pirates of the Carribbean." Depp's first and only previous visit was in 1995 to promote "Deadman." Johnny Depp, 42, right, and director Tim Burton, 47, meet the press in Tokyo Sunday to promote their film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," which opens Sept 10. Depp, who was last here in 1995, flew into Narita by private jet Saturday and was greeted by about 2,000 fans.

Article about Johnny in Japan at Zee News.


herestoyou -
E! Channel is showing that they will air their Behind the Scenes show for Corpse Bride as follows:
Sept. 22 8:30 am; 3:30 pm
Sept. 23 3:30am;8:00am; 3:00pm
Sept. 24 7:00 am

Also remember, HBO First Look (check listings) and MTV sneek peak 9/20.


herestoyou - According to several sites, The Libertine will be released in the US on November 23 in limited release.

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Comingsoon.net - Will Depp Do Don Quixote? The plight of Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote with Johnny Depp was well-documented in the 2002 documentary Lost in La Mancha, as the director's lifelong dream project ground to a halt in 2000 due to a series of unfortunate mishaps and coincidences. While talking to Depp about Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, his fifth collaboration with the director, ComingSoon.net asked the popular actor about the project, since Gilliam himself had been suggesting recently that he'd like to try to revive the film for a third time. But is Depp himself interested in being involved with the failed project and has Gilliam talked to him about it yet? "Every time I see him, he threatens to do something," Depp told us. "I just saw him last night. I'd love to do it again…well, I don't want to do that again. If there's any way to avoid the curse, that would be better. I'd love to do the film, if at all possible, and I stress that 'if at all possible' because it was really going to be good, that was the thing we all felt. It was really sad. It was really going to be good, like the best of Terry Gilliam. I felt really good about my character, and the good news is that if he wants to go back and do that, I already know the character, so I have less homework to do." Who knows if The Man Who Killed Don Quixote will ever see the light of day, but you can at least hear Depp's voice in Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, which opens in limited release on Friday, September 16.

Corpse Bride Comes to Venice - Helena Bonham Carter said, "Johnny? I think he is with his family. He was in Japan and he's gone to America because his daughter is starting school so he has to be with her."

Deppraved - There is a pretty good list of quotes by Johnny on Bellaonline. Some are lines from roles he's played rather than quotes from his personal life, but the majority are quotes taken from interviews he's done over the years.

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Golf Phenomenon Michelle Wie is Depp Fan - Even when she talks about her career, at times she is more schoolgirl than pro golfer: "My agent says he might be able to arrange for me to meet Brad Pitt!" And after getting an instant message from her cousin in LA: "Omigod! Johnny Depp is getting his hand put, you now, in Hollywood!--I love Johnny Depp."

Americans Choose Fun (Not Frightening) Halloween Fashions - Interestingly, two of Johnny Depp's characters have pulled into the running for hottest costumes of '05: Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Willy Wonka from Tim Burton's latest adaptation of that fan favorite.

Interview with Keira Knightley with information about POTC Coming Soon.

Article about James Dean with Johnny quote at MTV.

Interview with Gore Verbinski with information about POTC II & III IESB.

Guy Pearce is huge Depp fan.. Whether it's the lean physique, or his selective choice of movie roles, we can't resist suggesting a comparison to Johnny Depp. "Hey I'm flattered. Thanks," says Mr Pearce, "I'm a huge fan of his." Pearce reckons that Depp is notable among major actors because he avoids the obvious in role and film selection. Like Depp, Guy has no ambition to be a Hollywood blockbuster specialist. "You earn enough money doing low budget films," he says. "I mean, how much money do you need."

From Manchester Online interview with the playwrite of The Libertine, Stephen Jeffreys. You mentioned The Libertine. Have you seen a finished version of that yet? I’ve seen a number of different cuts, which were all different. It’s amazing how many changes are made during the edit. I’m really happy with it, though. There are some changes to the music, which I haven’t seen yet, but the last one I saw was pretty much the final version and I was very happy. Johnny Depp plays the poet John Wilmot, the 17th Earl of Rochester. What have you made of his interpretation of your character? He’s just brilliant. I think it’s a very serious Oscar contender. He himself thinks it’s his best performance, which is really quite something. Working with him, he’s so quick. You give him an idea and he just devours it and does something new with it. He even went to the British Museum and asked to see the manuscripts and being Johnny Depp, they let him touch them!

Tim Burton, who released "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in July, simultaneously worked on "Bride" and "Charlie." "In some ways it was convenient because both (films) were done in London," Burton said. "Johnny (Depp) would be Willy Wonka during the day and Victor (star of "Bride") at night."

From The Examiner - Depp laments lost Richards role - Johnny Depp has missed out on the chance to star alongside Rolling Stone Keith Richards, because the rocker's schedule is too busy. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star had been looking forward to Richards making a cameo appearance as his dad in 2006's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. But now the legendary guitarist, who was the inspiration behind Depp's alter-ego Jack Sparrow, is too busy with his band's world tour to take time out for acting. Depp says: " It doesn't look like it will happen now. Keith is on tour so it's hard to fit into the timeframe we're working to."

From the Mirror - TV LAND: RICKY Tomlinson tells us he's been talking to the writer Jimmy "Cracker" McGovern about making a TV biopic of his life. He says: "I want Johnny Depp to play me as a young man with Johnny Vegas as the older version. I'm not sure about Depp but, as Vegas is a mate, I reckon I could persuade him." We hate to burst his bubble by pointing out that, at 42, Depp is nearly a decade older than Vegas, 33.

Info about the DVD release of CATCF at Can Mag.

Jodelle Ferland's only wish is that she might run into a favourite actor who starred in another Gilliam film: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. "Johnny Depp," she says with yet another giggle when asked which movie star she'd most like to meet.

Duran Duran to Play at Naked Heart Statue of Liberty Party - Fashion Wire Daily - New York - Turns out the best party in New York fashion week will probably take place before the season has barely begun, and Duran Duran will be there to help ignite it. Supermodel and face of Calvin Klein Natalia Vodianova and Helena Christensen will jointly host the fete, which is to support the Russian supe's charity, the Naked Heart Foundation. The event will kick off Wednesday evening when boats start leaving Battery Park to the Ellis Island, where the Statue of Liberty was completed in 1886. An expected 600 plus revelers, including Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore and the upper crust of the New York social scene, will get to see Duran Duran playing live on a barge.

Media Alert/Photo Op/Red Carpet: TIME and BIRKS to host gala for stars of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride - TIME Magazine and BIRKS in association with Warner Bros. Pictures will host an intimate event celebrating the North American premiere of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, featuring the voices of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Emily Watson. Expected to attend the exclusive event are 400 guests, including the star talent of the film. This event will mark TIME Magazine's third exclusive affair during Toronto's most acclaimed cinematic festival of 2005. Saturday, September 10, 2005, Camera Call: 11 p.m. at Birks Boutique, 55 Bloor Street West, Toronto. RED CARPET ACCESS ONLY - WHO: Tim Burton, Director, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson

Article about the release of CATCF on DVD 11/8/05 at The Man Room

Article about celebrities and Ebay at Mirror.

More about the memorial to Hunter S. Thompson at Flying Dogales

PageSix on one page, NY Post - September 3, 2005 -- KEITH Richards says it'll be a cinch for him to pull off the role of Johnny Depp's pickled pirate father in the sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean. "How difficult is it for me to play a pirate?" the famously debauched Rolling Stone asks Guitar World magazine. "Just stick a hat on me and a beard. Put on an eye patch and we're away. Arrgh! But it's not necessary to wear all that stuff to be a pirate. Most pirates these days wear suits." Also, at FreeP - AMES & FACES: A pirate's life suits Richards - The Rolling Stones have come and gone (and are due back in Detroit in February for the Super Bowl) but it's not too late to marvel at the rock 'n' roll spirit of swashbuckling guitarist Keith Richards. The November issue of Guitar World magazine is out with an interview with Mr. Living Death. If at times it all sounds a bit hazy, well... read on. On reports Richards will play Johnny Depp's pickled pirate father in the upcoming sequel to Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean": "I will tell you that Johnny and I were in L.A. two weeks ago dressed up as pirates," Richards says. "So there's a hint. But at the same time, I don't know about the ins and outs of scheduling and whether it will actually happen. I never worked for Disney before. I never expected to. Mickey Mouse?" So why was rock's once most toxic man interested in the role in the first place? "I'll do anything," Richards admits. "How difficult is it for me to play a pirate? Just stick a hat on me and a beard. Put on an eye patch and we're away. Arrgh! But it's not necessary to wear all that stuff to be a pirate. Most pirates these days wear suits." On the current political climate of America from the '60s street-fighting man: "Things have changed. There's a lot of things in the air, including bodies ... something has to be done. Personally, I'd have a suicide bombers' convention and they can all blow each other up."


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