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BROWN : Movie that isn't scheduled to be shot.
GREEN : Movie that has already been shot or is about to be shot.

Planet of the Apes

that website about TIM BURTON (This page has been closed.)
8/5/2000 Planet of the Apes rumour central
Helena Bonham Carter joins the cast ... and rumours around that Johnny Depp might as well ... but do you really think he'd go for a supporting role? Me either. he strikes as a lead unless you're Al Pacino kinda guy.

Book "Planet of the Apes"

Planet of the Apes(1968)

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10/20/1998 Ain't It Cool News
THE PREACHER... coming soon to a theater near us?
Tons of us geeks just love the comic called THE PREACHER, and it looks like the script and the film is getting off the ground. This would be fairly friggin awesome if it were to get moving. As for the two allegedly up for the main dude... Hmmmmm, I'll have to sleep on it. I bet y'all have some suggestions. Well read away. Warning though, there are some SPOILERS below, so read at your own risk....
Harry I just wanted to tell you about a script I just covered, very cool, it sounds like your cup of tea. It's called PREACHER, and it is to be directed by Rachel Tallalay (TANK GIRL) and it is some seriously violent, fucked-up, crazy, otherworldly type shit.
It is about a guy named Jesse (the Preacher) who is stuck being the preacher in a bum-fuck crappy mid-Texas shithole town. (No offense Harry of course!) Meanwhile, up in Heaven, or in the "next world" or whatever, a Demon and an Angel get together and have sex (usually they fight, and don't fuck) and their child is called "Genesis". Anyway, Genesis decides to go to Earth and possess the body of a mortal man, and that combination will create a super-powerful being. I realize this probably sounds totally crazy, but bear with me please.
Anyway, some Angels up in heaven decide that they have to eliminate Genesis, so they reincarnate the spirit of the most brutal, violent killer the Old West has ever known (He's called 'THE SAINT OF KILLERS') and send him after the Preacher. Meanwhile, after Preacher gets possessed, he is able to speak "The Word Of God"--meaning he can tell anyone to do whatever he wants. I.e., if he tells someone "Pull down your pants and moon the traffic for 20 minutes", that person would have no choice but to do it.
Then Preacher gets teamed up with his old girlfriend named TULIP, who has just been rescued from a random gunfight by a friendly Irish guy named CASSIDY, who incidentally turns out to be a bloodsucking vampire. Also, Preacher is running away from his two evil stepbrothers who have been programmed by their psychotic grandmother to ensure the fate of Preacher.
Yes this totally sounds crazy--but I'll qualify it: The movie has a budget of $35 million, and the lead role of Preacher will be either Ben Affleck or Johnny Depp, The "Saint of Killers" role is supposed to be for Samuel Jackson, and the "Cassidy" friendly vampire role is already attached to Robert Carlyle, who as you know was awesome in FULL MONTY and TRAINSPOTTING.
This is a totally violent, nasty, fun-filled script, like FROM DUSK TILL DAWN but with much more of a gritty, well-written, and funny edge. Not just good guys against vampires, this is good guys against evil ghosts, angels, demons, vampires, and screwy inbred Texans. Anyway, it is cool and I'm sure you'll hear much about it in the future.

Yahoo! Movies
5/17/02 - Entertainment Weekly reports that filming is scheduled to start in June. The article mentions that James Marsden, who costars as "Cyclops" in the X-Men movies is interested in the title role, but the start date will most likely conflict with X2. I've only read the first trade paperback, but Marsden doesn't strike me as a Jesse Custer type... he doesn't have that anguished thing going on like say, a Johnny Depp or Sean Penn.
6/13/02 - Regardless, Comics2Film.com confirmed with producer Rupert Harvey this week that although he's technically not signed yet, James Marsden is indeed likely to star as Jesse Custer, with filming being postponed to the fall of 2002, after Marsden finishes starring as Cyclops in X-Men 2.

Book "Preacher"

The House of Vertigo: Preacher

2/10/2000 Script Review

Comics2Film: Preacher (Archives)


The Z Review

The Quiet American

6/1997 Newsletter
Johnny Depp, 'Quiet American' - Besides premiering his directorial debut film "The Brave," Johnny Depp is eyeing future work while at the Cannes Film Festival. Depp is meeting former jury president Sydney Pollack in Cannes to discuss a planned $40 million production of Graham Greene's "The Quiet American." Industry sources say Depp may star in the espionage story alongside Sean Connery, who has already signed up for the movie to be directed by "The Saint" helmer Phillip Noyce. Variety 5/11

Yahoo! Movies
Cast: Michael Caine (Thomas Fowler), Brendan Fraser (CIA Agent Alden Pyle),...
Director: Phillip Noyce (Sliver, Clear and Present Danger, The Bone Collector, The Saint, Patriot Games; also recently filmed Rabbit-Proof Fence)

Book "The Quiet American"


Le Reseau Melchior

8/2001 Newsletter
the magazine Les Inrockuptibles has indeed reported that Vanessa is in talks for playing in the adaptation of "Réseau Melchior" (which is a spy novel by writer Serge Bramly). Producer Christian Fechner (who is also a friend of Vanessa and the producer of Girl on the Bridge, Elisa etc...) is developing the project. The script has been written by Guillaume Nicloux. And the shooting would be at the end of the year. Then our good buddy Vanfan told us that, according to Voici, Johnny may also be in the movie. Finally, Serge reported that it is "official" that Johnny and Vanessa will be in the movie, according to French site monsieurcinema.com

Book "Le réseau Melchior"

Richard Petty biopic

01/2004 Newsletter
Depp & Quaid Eyed for Richard Petty Biopic? - Coming Soon.com - "Film Rotation has an interesting bit on a Richard Petty biopic that John O'Hurley is producing...As I was driving home from work this evening I caught an interview on Real Radio (a local FM talk-radio station here in Orlando) with John O'Hurley (who's claim to fame is playing Elaine's boss on Seinfeld) in which he scooped on the cast for a film he is producing based on the life of legendary race car driver Richard Petty. The frontrunner's to play Petty? Dennis Quaid and Johnny Depp. He added his hope was that Depp would get the part as he has the "hot-hand" lately and would bring an edginess to the role." and from the source Film Rotation (a pic on that page). Film Rot - excerpts: With roles already in the works for Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, The Rum Diary and Tim Burton's Willy Wonka remake, it looks like Depp will have no shortage of opportunities any time soon. The Richard Petty biopic is scheduled to start filming sometime between early 2004 and spring of 2005.

Petty Enterprises

The Z Review


tf1.fr Star News (translation : AltaVista's Translation Service)
Josh Hartnett is William the Conqueror
According to monsieurcinema.com, Josh Hartnett (Virgin Suicides, 40 days and 40 nights) will be William the Conqueror for Roland Joffe (La dechirure, Mission), in a film entitled Roar.
This historical film will follow the strategies of being able of Guillaume, duke of Normandy, its marriage with Mathilde de Flandres with the conquest of England, while passing by its victory with Hastings in 1066. The remainder of the casting is imposing: Kate Winslet would be Mathilde while Peter O'Toole (Laurence of Arabia) incarnerait the dying king. One also speaks about Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn in the lord of the rings) and about Johnny Depp, if this one manages to find a hole in its overloaded timetable. Roland Joffe will begin the turning of Roar during 2003.

William I, the Conqueror (1066-1087 AD)

Robert Mitchum biopic

9/1997 Newsletter (Cyberslease)
"JOHNNY DEPP is going to play the man he idolized as a kid - ROBERT MITCHUM. After the tough guy's death at 79, Depp got the OK from widow DOROTHY to produce and star in a movie about Mitchum's colorful life. The movie will be packed with intimate details of the screen legend's boozing and womanizing." I have read that Mitchum is one of Johnny's personal heros so this could very well be a true report.

A Tribute to Robert Mitchum


Dreams The Terry Gilliam Fanzine
17 August 2002
Jeff Kemper highlights to Dreams the following two articles:
Terry Gilliam is in talks to direct Warner Bros. Pictures' adaptation of Rafael Sabatini's literary classic SCARAMOUCHE. The story is set during the French Revolution and follows a swashbuckling man who seeks to avenge a death caused by an evil aristocrat. Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle adapted the project. The book has been made into a feature in 1923 and again in 1952. This version is not a remake, but will go back to the original source material. (from AICN's 'Weekly Recap' column)

Terry Gilliam is in discussions to direct Warner Bros. Pictures' big-screen adaptation of Rafael Sabatini's literary classic SCARAMOUCHE There is no start date on the project. Set during the French Revolution, SCARAMOUCHE follows a swashbuckling young man who seeks to avenge a death that was inflicted by an evil aristocrat. Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle adapted the project, which is being produced by U.K. producer David Heyman, the producer of the studio's Harry Potter franchise. The project was first brought to the big screen by MGM in the 1923 feature film of the same name directed by Rex Ingram. The studio remade the project in 1952 with George Sidney directing a cast that included Stewart Granger, Eleanor Parker and Janet Leigh. Warners' version will not be a remake; rather, the studio will go back to the original source material. Warners senior vp production Lionel Wigram is overseeing the project. Gilliam, repped by Endeavor, has directed such projects as TWELVE MONKEYS, THE FISHER KING and BRAZIL. (from www.MoviePoopShoot.com, which gives thanks to the Hollywood Reporter)

27 September 2002
Hotdog magazine (UK) reports that Scaramouche "looks set to take Gilliam's unique directorial eye back a couple of centuries with Johnny Depp's clown-disguised hero clashing swords with a moustache-twirlingly villainous Jeff Bridges."

Book "Scaramouche"

Scooby Doo

4/1999 Newsletter
I learned that Johnny has agreed to do a cameo in the Scooby Doo movie. Winona Ryder is active in the production of this film and asked Johnny for a favor. He is not playing Shaggy as was first reported and will only be in the film towards the beginning for a short time. Filming is to begin in October.

Cartoon Network | Scooby-Doo!

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Silent Hill

3/28/2002 DarkHorizons
Silent Hill: Bloody Disgusting has more on the game adaptation from the production company: "We have come pretty close to deciding that the film will be tightly based on the first game. We have yet to narrow anything down such as scripts or screenplays or a director for that matter. For the most part we are definitely heavy into the brainstorrming process of pre-production. We definitley want to go with Depp as the lead however we havent ironed out any of the casting details either". Thanks to 'Xc'.

4/4/2002 DarkHorizons
Silent Hill: Dark Aura Entertainment did an interview with Bloody-Disgusting and numerous bits of info on the computer game turned film adaptation were garnered: The film will be based closely on the first game with shooting to take place in Maine or upstate NY. The FX will rely more on animatronics than cartoony CGI, and they hope to get Stan Winston Studios to work on the project. Chyler Leigh ("Not Another Teen Movie") is in talks for the role of Nurse Lisa Garland, whilst other actors currently being sought include Lisa Marie, Anjelica Huston and Bill Pullman. Thanks to 'Xc' & Moviefans.de

4/9/2002 Bloody-Disgusting
Public Statement about Dark Aura/Silent Hill
Posted by mrdisgusting | on Tuesday, April 09, 2002 - 03:34 AM CST
If your a fan of Silent Hill and have been following our stories closely, please take the time to read this.
We have been talking with a company that calls themselves Dark Aura Entertainment and they have given us tons of information about a possible Silent Hill movie and such.
We received numerous emails from both the concerned to the very excited.
What our site is about is giving fans a chance to voice their opinions and that is why we chose to give Dark Aura a chance to let their voices be heard.
We felt that by letting them voice their opinions, it would also give the public a chance to voice theirs back, which is everything that we stand for.
Unfortunately, we are being informed by VERY reliable sources that there is no deal with New Line and Konami about a Silent Hill movie and that no one has heard of Dark Aura Entertainment.
Now that it seems more likely than not, that Dark Aura is not for real, we have chosen to take down the interview until something more solid appears, until then we shall join the rest in being skeptical.
We thank everyone that has helped our efforts in believing Dark Aura, even though at this time we cannot continue to support Dark Aura, until more information surfaces.
To everyone we say, the Internet is full of rumors and stories that don't always become a reality, and we felt it would be nice to take a chance for once, we believe with the success of Resident Evil, a Silent hill movie is inevitable and will be seen in the near future, whether or not its made by New Line, or Dark Aura. We also hope we haven't lost anyone's trust as we were reporting news/rumors submitted by numerous sources, from Dark Aura themselves to many loyal fans.
Thanks for your time and we hope you continue to enjoy our site...

Central Silent Hill

Sin City

03/19/2004 Ain't It Cool News
SIN CITY is getting Crazy Cool these days!
Hey folks, Harry here... Michael Fleming at Variety.com has broke a story about how Robert Rodriguez, in order to be able to have Frank Miller as his co-director on SIN CITY, resigned from the Director's Guild (DGA) as to not set a potentially damaging precedent which could be abused outside of this particularly unique situation. However, in talking to Michael Fleming he spilled the beans on some of the additional "Holy Shit" cool things about SIN CITY.
#1: He says that Quentin Tarantino will be a "Special Guest Director" on one of the Sin City stories in the film!!!
#2: In addition to the names mentioned in yesterday's story - he mentioned to Fleming that he's been talking with Johnny Depp, Steve Buscemi, Christopher Walken and Michael Douglas!
Add those names to Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood, Mickey Rourke, Brittany Murphy, Kate Bosworth, Jaime King, Josh Hartnett, Marley Shelton, Maria Bello and Benicio Del Toro and you've got a potentially amazing line up, possibly the biggest all star line up for a comic adaptation period. And that's the latest from SIN CITY...

05/20/2004 Film Force
Sin City Scores Two More
Benicio & Clive join big-screen version.

Variety reports that Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro and King Arthur's Clive Owen have joined the all-star cast of Sin City. The Dimension Films pic - a "translation" of Frank Miller's graphic novel series - is being co-directed by Miller and Robert Rodriguez.
Del Toro and Owen will appear with Brittany Murphy in The Big Fat Kill installment, the last of three chapters based on the different titles in the series.
The trade adds that "Rodriguez still hopes to draft Quentin Tarantino to direct at least part of that segment, once the Kill Bill helmer returns from presiding over the Cannes Film Festival jury."
And contrary to earlier reports, "neither Leonardo DiCaprio nor Johnny Depp committed to Sin."
In related news, MovieBox has posted the behind-the-scenes footage of Sin City seen on yesterday's Entertainment Tonight. Thanks to Superhero Hype for the heads-up on that.

Comic "Sin City"


The Z Review

Sorcerer and the Apprentice

07/28/2003 Hollywood Pulse.com
Johnny Depp Sought To Save Every Sinking Film

Tim Burton, who worked with Depp on "Edward Scissorhands," "Ed Wood" and "Sleepy Hollow" would like to do so again, this time in a possible story about the "Sorcerer and the Apprentice."
"Hey, man, all I can say, is, uh...uh, that Johnny and me are like brothers from another planet," Burton said. "I admire his creative urges. I'm still not sure if I want to cast him as the sorcerer or the apprentice -- or maybe even one of the broomsticks carrying the water buckets. All I know is the more outlandish my plot line, the better suited Johnny is to play the lead. I can't believe that I'm saying this, but he's even stranger than I am."

Speed Racer

Yahoo! Movies
Cast: None announced yet. Johnny Depp was attached to star for a long while (back around the time Temple and Van Sant were attached), but is no longer likely to be in the running.
10/18/01 - Variety reports that Gudegast and Scheuring signed on for a (mind-blowing) $1.2 million. That's not much for an actor, but for writers... extremely rare.

The Official SPEED RACER Website (Animation)

Superman V

01/29/2004 Superman Hype!
Big Batman and Superman Scoop?! Source: Leo K.
This is the first time we've heard from 'Leo K.', but he may have just dropped a big scoop on our desks. We're going to tell you to take all of the following with a grain of salt, since we're not sure the scooper is reliable or not. Here's what we received...
Ok new scooper here. I heard of this site through work and I would like to set the record straight-for BATMAN and a little for SUPERMAN. First.
Johnny Depp? for Lex Luthor. Bit of missunderstanding. What is really happening is Depps NAME, i.e. he hasn't been contacted (in case you haven't noticed, he's going to be busy for quite a while...) is being circled for the role of Superman's father, Jor-el.


Yahoo! Movies

The Z Review


6/2000 Newsletter
CANNES (Variety) -
Depp had long been reported as the lead of ``Quixote.'' But an $8 million offer (roughly three times his ``Quixote'' fee) from producer Jerry Bruckheimer to star in Tony Scott's ``Take Down'' for Disney threw his participation into question for a few days.

7/2002 Newsletter
Depp inks for double dose of Bruckheimer
Sun Jun 9, 7:37 PM ET
Zorianna Kit
LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- Johnny Depp, action star? Jerry Bruckheimer thinks so. The independent-minded Depp -- who has worked with such talents as the eccentric Tim Burton ("Sleepy Hollow") and the exiled Roman Polanski ("The Ninth Gate") -- is in the process of agreeing to star in two films for action impresario Bruckheimer. Depp is in negotiations to sign a two-picture deal with the Walt Disney Co. that will see the actor working on back-to-back action projects for the producer, "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Takedown." The actor would shoot "Pirates" for director Gore Verbinski in October and then segue into the March start for "Takedown," which Michael Haussman is directing.
Although the deal with Bruckheimer marks a departure for Depp, it will reunite him with Disney, where he's worked only once before, in the 1994 Touchstone Pictures feature " Ed Wood," directed by Burton.
"Takedown," based on Carsten Stroud's 1996 graphic nonfiction book "Deadly Force: In the Streets With the U.S. Marshals," revolves around a U.S. marshal (Depp) in pursuit of an assassin who raped and almost killed a female colleague/former lover. The marshal eventually learns that his target is protected by another branch of the U.S. government.
Jerry Stahl wrote the most recent draft of the script. Previous writers include John Lee Hancock, Henry Bean, Laith Zawawi and John Norville. Bruckheimer Films' Mike Stenson and Chad Oman are executive producing both projects.

1/2003 Newsletter
Extract from a Jerry Bruckheimer interview promoting Kangaroo Jack
Do you have a second film with him lined up? I don't know if there'll be a second picture but I hope so. That was in the trades [that we had a two-picture deal], but it never happened.

Book "Deadly Force: In the Streets With the U.S. Marshals"

Yahoo! Movies

The White Hotel

3/8/1999 New York Daily News Online
Movie Makers Want To Do Their Part for Depp
Depp may also check into "The White Hotel," based on the 1981 psychosexual Freudian-fantasy novel by D.M. Thomas.
Producer Bobby Geisler tells us that in a new version, writer Dennis Potter moved the story from Vienna to Berlin and morphed Sigmund Freud into a shrink who's a protege of Freud.
"Johnny can now play the psychoanalyst as well as the dream lover of his female patient, Lisa," explains Geisler, who co-produced "The Thin Red Line."
Geisler and director Emir Kusturica are still searching for a Lisa to play opposite Depp. Among the actresses they have talked with: Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Holly Hunter, Cate Blanchett, Mira Sorvino, Natasha Richardson, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Lena Olin.

Book "The White Hotel"

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